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Dre is the name, DevOps is the game.

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DevOps means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

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Find out what it means to me as I document my journey and share knowledge around my passions.

If you have an idea for a blog post, video tutorial or anything else that migh be useful to you or just want to say hi please get in touch via one of the social media channels, by leaving a comment on a post or by email: [email protected]

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This is a brand new website on the WordPress platform. As a WordPress and cloud specialist I build a variety of websites. My aim is to share knowledge to empower others.For projects big and small, dynamic and e-commerce websites and highly available web apps you can start a conversation to see how I can help.
My ethos of sharing ideas was adopted in 2008 when a grapic designer I collaborated with said to me “If you share a good idea, ten more will come your way” and putting this into practice has always served me and others well.
Speaking of communites, I’m involved in the Manchester tech community where I give talks, organise and attend meetups and connect with other coders, developers and tech advocates. During these times the meetups are virtual and held online. Let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll let you know if there is a meetup I can recommend.
Soon I will be delivering my first tech meetup online with an aim to present DevOps practices in an agile way in response to member feedback.
The meetup was previously held at The Old Abbey Taphouse, a S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering & math) hub in a pub in the heart of M.S.P. (Manchester Science Park) where you’ll find a wonderful and welcoming community who are still active within the community during tough times. Be sure to check and support out the pub where you can enjoy one of their many specialist draft beverages safely in the surrounding outdoor areas whilst social distancing.
Join us for the next virtual meetup, just email [email protected]
The DreDevOps community is inclusive and welcomes anyone with an interest in tech regardless of knowledge, experience or background.

Be kind, help others.

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