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photo of circuit board
Photo by Alexandre Debiève

Updating Systems

Whilst busy working on website developement and being excited to make some hardware investments I’m taking a moment on my sofa to document a new concept I want to introduce.

I’m going to attempt to document many stages of improvement on this and other websites I’m working on.

Routine and structure are important. I have a cut-off point each day and then I plan to physically distance myself from my workspace.

Introducing: Sofa Sessions

I’m writing direct from the comfort of my sofa to you, whoever you are, wherever you are. I decided that I want to use my spare time outside of freelancing to work on personal projects and continually learn and document some of my processes.

It’s like a little loop hole that allows me to continue doing things I enjoy in the evenings after doing the work that pays the bills.

To put this into context, I usually start my day with a walk around the local lake. When I’m busy, I power walk it in 20 mins there and back. Sometimes I take pause to watch the ducks, swans, squirrels & humans.

The psychological affect of leaving the house to “walk to work” and perhaps nipping to the shop afterwards to “leave work” creates a physical separation to help one work from home.

The meme was spotted on:
Things You Can Do To Help Your Employees Work More Productively From Home
(27 min read)

Pandemic or not, this routine has worked seemingly well for me for some time now and carried me through lockdown from start until now (yep, it hasn’t ended yet). I think it promotes better physical and mental health doing regular exercise and having some work life balance.
Some things are easier said than done.
I <3 The Kankyo Kaizen philosophy.
Make small & gradual changes.
Shape your environment.
Eat, Code, Sleep Repeat.
You need: Simpleology.
A to do list, but sane.
Do free training.
Life improves.
<3 yw :D</3>
Dre DevOps

WFH Routine

Ritually leaving the house before and after working, this new routine is evolving to allow for blogging, coding and learning from the sofa in the evenings. I better keep an eye on my exposure to screens (ie. laptop and smartphone) and for that I use a combination of tools:


<coming soon>


opened black laptop computer
Photo by Fabian Grohs

During a team project we deployed a microservices architecture building a CI pipeline, working in an agile way with the scrum framework. I’ve also been using Python in other ways, such as to create a CRUD Quiz (you guessed it, it’s a quiz with create, read, update & delete functionality). Lots of fun! You can see a lot more on my GitHub account. It needs tidying up though… it’s all a WIP. I’ll be happy when my GitHub graph goes greener 😀

I <3 coding
I <3 photography

photo of outer space

It’s nice to be able to share images with you from Unsplash.com where photographers have released their images into the copyright free domain where everybody has equal, full and irrevocable rights to the ever growing image pool.

During one of my talks in Chorlton Library, Manchester on photography and the web I discovered that a lot of small business owners locally thought it was legal to use any images they find via a Google Image search. As a passionate & professional photographer It’s nice to share the knowledge about ways of using images legally, and getting the highest quality, full resolution files direct from the source via the beatiful Unsplash ecosystem (more commonly known as a website or stock image libary). Adding a credit is always a nice touch, esp. when it is out of courtesy. I try to add that into every image I share on here, it’s worth the extra time for me. Then you can find the image source in case you want to use it, and and the creator gets a bit more exposure.
As a creator, in my eyes sharing is a win-win!
Now then, shall we get back to coding?
It’s a journey through time & space!
Or would perhaps look at a…

SuPeR NoVa

Photos by NASA on Unsplash

Did you know? NASA contributes it’s images to the public domain. That means, just like every image on Unsplash, everyone has the rights to use, modify, adapt and even re-sell the images, and technically you are not required to give credit. Those that do, do it out of kindness. <3

Some people like to do “the right thing”

Credit where credit is due. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Mike Little, the co-founder of WordPress, who continually shares so much knowledge with the community, every month at MWUG.uk. Join us!

This month at MWUG Mike did an exciting presentation on the future of WordPress.

So I noticed Mike using Instant Images, which is a WP plugin that adds images from Unsplash directly into a website. The images you are looking at were added in seconds with a few clicks (not including supernova staring contests).

5.5 has now been released as a beta and you can preview it with the use of a plugin on your WP installation. I’m super excited to get stuck into that sometime, and will perhaps put out some material so stay tuned if you’re a WP fanatic like me!

It is my every intention to share a variety of stuff & things with you based on your feedback 😀

The aliteration is a little nod to my real name & my photography business which evolved from studying photography into a freelance career that spanned circa 2010-2020. The tagline was capture, create, captivate.

I <3 aliteration.

During that time I did all sorts of things from photographic assignments, printed images onto 3mm thick brushed aluminium (with a little help), won multiple regional and national awards, completed my biggest ever commision for Lancashire County Council spanning 15 locations in Preston and beyond.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.
Stay tuned for more from where that came from!

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