Besides being a song I love by Zero 7, distractions are a constant in my life.

The Warp service from Cloudflare looks like a good DNS server, perhaps better than using your ISP’s.

…several hours later. It’s 6:01. I’m closing down all the tabs as I went a bit deep down an information technology rabbit hole.

Feeling snug as a rug in a bug.

Why is that?

I’m benefiting from the Windows client beta of the Warp service, along with installing the Android app for good measure. I could even switch my superhub 3 from router into modem mode then attach any old router that supports DNS changes so all the traffic on my home network can bypass any prying eyes, bulging from your ISP or. My DNS requests are no longer sent to Google’s and associated free public DNS resolvers. Knowledge is power, and if I really wanted to take my personal web privacy up a notch I have spent enough time reading up on Cloudflare’s Onion flavoured layers of encryption sauce to whip up a strong security soup for secure surfers.

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