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Why are you here? If there’s one thing I can confess, it’s that I don’t take myself too seriously. In fact I would like to admit I occaisionally do slightly strange things out of curiosity or just for fun. One fine example of somewhat unusual behavour is when I asked a handful of different people on a busy street in Manchester the question “Why are you here?”. The range of reactions I received ranged from spiritual proclamations to the informative “I’m going to the bike shop” and confused, bizarre and even downright questionable answers and statements.

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It’s an important question, but not one that should necessarily be asked to strangers in the street. I allow my inquisitive nature to run its course. Besides that I also follow the wise words of great influencers such as Simon Sinek who famously talked about finding your purpose. I own the recommended workbook ‘Find Your Why’ however I’m terrible at finishing things I start, so working through that is a slow process. The number one statement I would like to share from the gems I have discovered online is: Start With The Why (you can find a talk on this)
It relates to businesses focusing on the why, instead of the how or what they do. It’s eye-opening and might explain why when it comes to marketing, some businesss succeed in areas where others fail, regardless of their past successes.

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So why am I here? What is my purpose? More specifically what is the purpose of this blog? In short, I did an intensive 12 week DevOps Fasttrack course early 2020 which GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authority) appointed UKFast to handle and it was delivered by QA the UK’s leading tech skills organisation. I believe strongly that if I don’t practice the skills, and revise the knowledge it will be more difficult to retain them. One effective method of strengthening the skills to succeed along with the plethora of useful knowledge could be sharing it with you.

You’re welcome

It’s early days and this plan been on the back-burner for a number of months. My focus (excuse the pun) has been on my ever changing work which varies from photography & video production, but in most cases tech: web development – specifically WordPress – and technical support.

I will chip away at making this blog a resource for myself and others to look back on, and it would not feel right doing so without adding my own twist and having fun in the process.

I love the interactive nature of having a dynamic website, not to mention an unsatiable thirst for feedback and social interaction, which has become more difficult to achieve during these times, so please help me open up some dialogue.
Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment.

Why are you here?

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